Sunday, 7 October 2007

Its a funny thing....

I have realised what a funny thing life is, some people come into our lives and make a big impact, others only have a small moment within your life but change you forever.
I think people come and go for a reason.

Sometimes that reason is hard to understand when you're in the thick of wondering why that person has decided to go.
We are all funny creatures and we all have needs, even when you are not sure what those needs may be, until its too late to change what has happened.

I hate people going without telling you why.... but these things happen and we may never learn about any reason.

I hope one day to learn what others think of me.... and why they don't feel safe around me.... but for now I am in the dark.

What ray of light I have I cling onto and hope to recover my feelings and emotions....
I hope not to be hurt again.

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