Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Been a tough weekend, but doing ok!

I have taken some time away from my crafting forum for a while, as I have not felt like chatting much. I have had a lot to think about this past weekend which has been quite emotional and it's kinda worn me out.
I will be back to my forum friends, but need the support of my people around me right now. Saying that though there are very few of them I can really talk to about what has been going on. Even then some of them will not understand whats happening around me.
Today is my long day at home without my OH, as he goes off to play snooker this evening. I enjoy my time don't get me wrong I just wish I could talk to people who need me right now!
So my card making has had to lift my spirits again and keep me going, I am so pleased I can loose myself in something I love.
Below are all the Christmas cards I have made for my close family members, plus two from the children to their daddy.

I love these fairy's, again from
These cards have the advantage of having two fairies per card.
My other Christmas cards only have one per card.
I also love the polar bears, I have matched the two smaller cards to one big one, so my OH has a whole set of PB's for himself.
The one above and below will be for Daddy!

All of these cards need the finishing touches, of greetings and names. Again though I had a fight with my glitter pot and ended up looking very pretty. Not sure what I feel like doing today... not that there is much time left before I return to the school to get my son.

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Bubbles said...

Fab cards again Kerry.
I hope you are soon feeling more cheerful, please don't become a stranger to the forum.
Your bracelets and earrings are all so pretty, the green is especially nice (can't wait to receive mine!).